Janice Fast
  • Piano
  • Theory

Janice Fast

Janice earned her A.R.C.T. in piano and BA in Music, she studied under Imgaard Baerg of the Winnipeg Symphony, and she currently teaches piano to students from 5 - 85 years of age.


  • Piano - beginner to advanced, Grade 10 in particular (With students from 5 - 85 years old, Janice adjusts teaching style and materials to a wide range of ability and age specific curriculum)
  • Theory - beginner to advanced rudiments


  • festival participants
  • local opera singers
  • choirs
  • theatre productions
  • church bands

Janice has been teaching at Pinnacle Music Studios since its inception, and she has been actively involved in Quinte Rotary Music Festival in repertoire selection and student participation.


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