Karen Williamson
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Karen Williamson

Karen studied music at the University of Toronto and has worked in both the production and organizational side of many Toronto based arts organizations including Young Peoples Theatre, the Canadian Opera Company, the National Ballet School, Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Her performance and studio experience includes a broad range of genres from musical theatre to pop/rock, big band to classical and commercial jingles to music for children.

Karen’s studio is a friendly safe place to learn and experiment with the voice. Karen welcomes students of all ages and levels, including adults but specializes in younger singers. In Karen’s classes, students will learn about critical elements of vocal technique including proper breath control, rhythm and pitch, tone quality, range, and diction. Students will also be coached on overcoming stage fright and receive tips for performing. Classes consist of warm-ups, vocal exercises and song repertoire. While Karen will hand pick songs that provide the best development opportunities for each individual voice, students are also involved in song selection and can choose their favourite classic, Broadway hit or chart topper.

“I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing!”

Believe it or not, singing is good for your health! Science tells us that singing gets the blood pumping and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain creating a sense of euphoria. Whether you are happy to simply sing in the shower or long to star on the stage, singing is great for you – body and soul!

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