Tammy Williamson
  • Piano
  • Theory

Tammy Williamson


  • Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto – Scholarship program
  • Harmony & Counterpoint – Dr. Frederick J. Horwood
  • A.R.C.T. graduate, Solo Performer – Royal Conservatory of Music
  • A.R.C.T. Piano Teachers Written – Earle Moss
  • Studied with Reginald Geen, Pierre Souvairan, John Coveart
  • Masterclasses with Eugene List, Anton Kuerti
  • Ballet school training with Pierre Gallant


  • Performed at local concerts
  • Radio shows
  • Accompanist for voice teacher, Howell Glynne (RCM)
  • Rehearsal pianist for Quinte Ballet School
  • Performed with Eastern Ontario Orchestra
  • Performed with Albert College Orchestra
  • Performed local theatre company, charity events


  • Albert College
  • Pinnacle Music Studios
  • Prepared hundreds of students, successfully, for Royal Conservatory examinations
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