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  • PRS

    Mira American-Made

    The Mira is a guitar for today’s players with a classic feel and tone but with the quality and stability you’ve come to expect from a PRS instrument.

  • PRS

    Custom 24

    The Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar. This iconic instrument was the first model that Paul Reed Smith brought to the public at PRS Guitars’ first Winter NAMM show in 1985 and has been a top seller ever since.

  • PRS

    SE 22

    The SE Standard 22 relives the days of old when Paul Reed Smith offered the all-mahogany body Standard model in 1985. The comfortable neck will feel right in your hands and the warm tone will catch every ear in the room.

  • PRS

    SE Custom 24

    Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the SE Custom 24 has become the most popular SE model in a diverse lineup of guitars.

  • PRS

    S2 Custom 24 AMERICAN MADE

    FRESH, VERSATILE TONE The S2 Custom 24 takes the original PRS guitar, the Custom 24, and re-imagines it with stripped-down features and a new aesthetic.

  • PRS

    SE 245 Soapbar

    Musical Warmth and Growl The SE 245 Soapbar proudly brings the classic tones of soapbar pickups into PRS’s SE line

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